Maintaining Good Sleep at Christmas!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

It’s been a really tough and challenging year for all of us and I’m so looking forward to Christmas this year! I’m hoping it will help us escape the reality of how COVID has changed lives for so many of us.

So we all know Christmas can be pretty chaotic and it can be tricky maintaining good sleep habits for your baby and toddler during the festive season!

Here are my top tips to help keep your baby and toddler’s sleep on track:

Respect your Little One’s need to sleep

Your baby and toddler will struggle to get through the day and will become overtired without their naps. Overtired babies and toddlers can become quite unsettled and cranky – not what you need when you are trying to enjoy the festive activities and have friends and family over! So make sure they do get some sleep and rest during the day.

Longer wind down time

Especially on Christmas Eve when your older toddler or pre-schooler may be too excited to sleep! Plus, there is so much excitement for little one’s with new toys and lots of people too, so they may become easily overstimulated, plenty of wind down time will help them relax and be more ready to sleep.


Don’t stress too much about sticking to their usual routine, Christmas only comes once a year so make the most of it! If they do end up skipping a nap or taking shorter naps than usual, bring their bedtime forward if possible. Lack of sleep and a late bedtime can potentially lead to a disruptive night and an early morning wake up the next day!


Make the most of family members and friends to help entertain your little ones and for you to get a much needed break!

Staying away from home

If you are planning to stay away from home, don’t forget their comforter, white noise, a travel cot and follow the same bedtime routine as best as you can; bath, feed, story and bed as these are your baby’s cues for sleep. This should all help with unfamiliar surroundings.

Also, invest in the snooze shade for travel cots! I have one and it’s been a godsend when we’ve stayed with family or been away on holiday when the room has been too bright at naptime, bedtime or early in the morning or if you are sharing a room with your baby. It really helps block out the light and there are no distractions as the snooze shade completely covers the travel cot so if you are in the room with your baby, they won’t be able to see you and less likely to want to get up and play 🙌🏻. For 10% off, click here and use my code PLS10 at the checkout.

If you are struggling with your little one’s sleep, it’s not too late to seek help before Christmas, I can take on new clients who book my email and premium packages until 4th December plus 30% off my premium package until 1st December! My express phone consultation is available right up until 16th December. My online guides are available to purchase and download instantly at any time which you can use at your own pace.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and cheers to a better 2021!

Emma x

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