My fully comprehensive sleep shaper package includes practical support to create healthy sleep habits for your newborn (3-12 weeks old) by looking at their sleep environment, age appropriate awake times, daytime sleep, feeding and appropriate gentle settling techniques to help your newborn obtain the restorative sleep they need and to sleep well for many months and years to come.


Included in this package:


· In depth questionnaire to get to know your newborn and their current sleep situation

· 1 x 45 mins phone call

· A full sleep assessment and personalised plan designed for your newborn sent to you within 48 hours by email, including but not limited to the following: -

oGuidance for awake times

oSuitable nap times

oSleep environment advice

oAdvice on feeding

oAppropriate gentle settling technique

oSafe sleep guidelines

oSwaddling information

· Sleep information pack – everything you need to know about newborn sleep & the science behind it

· 1 x 20 mins follow up call

· My baby sleep & routines e-guide (for babies 12 weeks to 12 months) included for free


RESULT: You are able to settle your newborn in their own bed so that you have your time back , they are sleeping longer stretches at night so that you are getting the sleep and rest you need.  Plus you have your evenings back!  You will also have the knowledge to help them sleep well for months and years to come!


Additional 20-30 mins follow up support calls can be booked for £30 each.

Newborn Sleep Shaper Package