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Little Avery was 10 months old when I started working with her parents on her sleep.  She was waking around 8 times at night. They were all exhausted and having to assist Avery back to sleep with milk every time she woke!

Ross & Charlotte did amazingly well using a gentle 'in the room' sleep training technique.  They were so consistent & followed their sleep plan tailored for Avery & their parenting style to a T with life changing results!
View their video testimonial below

Ross, Charlotte & Avery 10 months old 
Greenwich, London

"I cannot thank Emma enough! My little one now sleeps throughout the night (7:30-7:30!!) and that too in her own cot! Things were very different before Emma came to the rescue- my baby was waking up every couple of hours and had to be nursed back to sleep, which inevitably led to her sleeping in our bed.

Before engaging Emma, I was a little skeptical about the methods involved with sleep training but from the outset Emma’s reassurance and explanations of her methods put me at instant ease and I was comfortable throughout the entire process!

I read nothing by praise before engaging Perfect Little Sleepers and I’m thrilled that I too now share the same sentiments. Thank you Emma, you’ve been nothing short of amazing!"


Marina & Ranim 13 months old


"Call Emma!!! So after 8 months with a baby who would wake every 2/3 hours at night sometimes hourly and had very short / inconsistent naps..... we were exhausted. I from all the feeding to sleep and hubby from all the rocking we had tried various methods on our own! We both knew we needed some help to figure out why our little one was not sleeping through yet and it was definitely not hunger keeping him up.

Emma she was amazing!!! we had a discovery call with her and talked her through our situation briefly! She was so confident that after we implemented her personalised sleep programme our little one would be sleeping well in a week!! And guys guess what from day 1 of implementing the sleep programme he slept through the night and not once did we have to go in the room to settle him!! 2 weeks later he is still sleeping through the night and has 2 consistent naps in the day!

Emma has been so supportive, understanding and adaptable to us . I would highly recommend any tired parent to get intouch as she could be the one to give you your sleep and evenings back !! Thank you so much Emma xxx"

Preti & Shayan 8 months old


"I was absolutely blown away by the results from the premium sleep package! Even on the first night, after a wobbly start, by 9pm, our little one had lay herself down to sleep and slept through until 6am with NO feeds! I couldn’t believe it! The second night was even better! She slept through the night from 6.30pm until 7am the next day again with no breastfeeds! Emma is some kind of sleep wizard I highly recommend perfect little sleepers"

Adele & Eloise 13 months old


"This was the best value for money on anything we’ve ever spent for either of our children! Our 8 month old was waking and feeding at least every hour in the night. Only 2 nights after starting with Emma she was waking only once, and within a few days sleeping from 7pm to 7am without waking. We had tried many approaches but nothing had worked - we were exhausted and at our wits end, and Emma’s advice, texting and phone support has literally transformed our lives."

Alice & Josie 8 months old


"We are so grateful to the amazing Emma for our extremely happy and well rested baby. Before we worked with Emma, our 6 month old sons’ naps and feeds were all over the place. I was feeding him to sleep, using a soother and rocking him to sleep sometimes too. I was totally exhausted and our son must have been too. 

We did the email support package. I’m a first time Mum and Emma’s help was wonderful. She provided a tailor made routine which was so comprehensive as it covered lots of things including sleep and diet. 

Now we have a great routine for our son with 3 great naps and he sleeps through the night! He has really thrived since we took the decision to ask Emma for help. With his great routine he’s now getting the sleep he needs and he is a very content little boy. This is all down to Emma’s brilliant guidance and help. 

We would recommend Emma to any parent. She really is so knowledgeable, compassionate and professional. She responded to all my questions- and there were lots! 

Our routine was adjusted if needed so that it was just the right fit for our family. We also have a plan for future recommendations for our son’s routine. We can’t recommend Perfect Little Sleepers highly enough. Thank you so much again Emma. X"

Niamh & William 6 months old


"Working with Emma has revolutionised sleep in our house. Having a 13 month old who was fed to sleep at night, waking a minimum of twice overnight and rocked and cuddled into afternoon naps we knew we needed some support to get into a more sustainable routine for the future.

Through a careful discovery phone call and then a detailed, personalised plan, our little one is now sleeping over 12 hours at night, 2 hours plus during the day and no longer requires any assistance from us to fall asleep.

Emma was knowledgeable, reassuring and adaptive during the week we worked together and gave lots of advice with regards to future changes also.

From being fairly sceptical about sleep training and hesitant that it may affect our breastfeeding journey, I am absolutely thrilled with the tailored, thoughtful approach taken, the speedy results and the impact it has had on us as a family - a testament to Emma’s support and expertise. I would highly recommend her support to anyone in a similar position."

Donna & Nora 13 months old


"Emma has been an absolute lifesaver when it comes to my 18mo daughter. My daughter would struggle to nap for longer than 45 mins during her one nap during the day, and would wake up about 3-4 times a night and would end up in bed with us as she couldn't settle. Emma took the time to completely understand everything there was to know about my daughter and talked us through some methods to help teach her to self soothe and some key bedtime routines. Within the first 2 nights, our daughter slept through the night from 7-7 and consistently slept for her nap from around 1.5 hours-2hours. We are so thankful for Emma's support and could not recommend her enough for anyone struggling out there with their childrens' sleep. Thank you Emma!!"

Vicki & Sophia 18 months old


“Emma totally transformed our life! After a pretty tough 11 months struggling to cope with severe colic, reflux, cow’s milk protein allergy & very little sleep, Stanley needed rocking to sleep all the time & rarely managed more than a couple of hours out of our arms or bed, no matter what we tried. From our very first conversation Emma surpassed all my expectations – following a thorough initial assessment both in terms of Stanley’s current challenges but also our parenting (approach & worries!) she provided a range of options & clear advice which was likely to suit Stanley best. She was extremely professional – to the extent she suggested seeking some medical advice before embarking on any training despite likely delays (& possible cancellation) this would likely cause. But above all, her confident, supportive & reassuring approach was second to none; from her patience with my early deliberations about the best way forward all the way through to the final tweaks to his routine & strategies for the future. Emma is so approachable & responsive it really felt as if she were there by our side whilst we got the foundations in place. I literally could not believe the changes that happened so quickly – major improvements from the first night. Now - Stanley settles himself for EVERY sleep in his cot & pretty much sleeps 11-12 hours through the night. Even if he wakes, he rarely needs me to go into the room but finds a way to re-settle himself. He’s so much happier in the day & his development in other areas has come on leaps & bounds. I’m no longer intensely sleep deprived so I can appreciate him all the more & life seems possible again. She really has transformed our life! I had no idea this could be possible & am so unbelievably glad I made the decision to give it a try – the difficult bits were much less difficult (and shorter) than I thought they would be & the benefits so much more than I thought possible. If you are thinking about it at all I would encourage you to give it a go & I cannot recommend Emma highly enough as the person to go to!”

Anna & Stanley 11 months old

Chislehurst, London

"Honestly couldn’t recommend doing Emma’s plan more... it’s a Sunday and I’ve been able to wake up have a bit of time to myself before I wake up my son. Rewind 2 weeks and he was waking every 30mins-1 hour all night every night and we were having 5am wake up calls every since day. Me and my husband were struggling and with me going back to work soon I knew we needed some help. He is now sleeping 6pm-7am without waking or if he is only once or twice for his dummy (which Emma has also helped us teach him to put it back in himself) if he can’t reach it for whatever reason we can help him put it back in and he’s asleep straight away again. Where as before every waking we would have to rock him back to sleep and be awake for hours at a time, just for him to wake 30 mins later. He has also learnt to self settle and fall asleep independently as he use to only fall asleep on us then we would have to put him down. He has also dropped his 10.30 feed, and has an amazing 2 hour lunch nap. We’ve learnt what meals are nutritional and help him sleep longer etc. To say it’s changed our life’s is an understatement. Our mental health and relationship has been struggling but this plan has helped so much. It was a tough emotional rollercoaster but I’m so glad we stuck it out and have got results. So proud of him too for sticking to a routine and doing so well! Thank you Emma!"

Harley & Flynn 7 months old


"We struggled to get our baby to sleep in her cot and were always running up and down to settle her in the evenings. With Emma's help and a couple of tough evenings we were sorted! She now sleeps through the night, IN HER COT! In has been amazing. We have regained our evenings again, which is always a winner!

Thank you for all your help!"

Shivani & Lakshmi 12 months old


"From the very first phone call, Emma was really lovely. She took the time to really listen and understand our situation, and then discussed all her professional suggestions clearly. She even adapted the program for us based on our comfort levels during the program, which just goes to show how flexible, understanding and supportive Emma is to her client’s emotional needs. Even during the crucial times, we needed that extra support, she was there to reassure us.⁠ ⁠

I can’t recommend Emma enough!! She has literally worked miracles. Before the program, I hadn’t slept properly since Olive was born, and I can’t believe that I now put Olive to sleep happily in her cot at 6.30pm every night, and she sleeps through until 6.30am. She also naps for two hours in the day and is happy to be put in her cot and go to sleep for this. It’s incredible for us, we have our time and energy back, and I can now starfish in our super king size bed 😂 Plus the most important thing is Olive is as happy as ever!⁠ ⁠ I still breastfeed her but not for sleep, and we still enjoy all those snuggles and cuddles in the day that I was worried I would miss! It’s really a win win situation all round and all down to the program Emma designed for us along with her support the whole way through. Thank you so much 💕"

Samantha & Olive 15 months old


"I was given Emma’s details through the nursery my daughter attends. What appealed to me was that unlike the super nanny’s of this world she’s one of the other mums, she’s “one of us”. My daughter had always been a great sleeper but hit the 2yr sleep regression hard, when we came to Emma she was up every hour through the night, having night terrors, constantly coming into our bed and this led to two very frazzled parents and an over tired toddler!
From the moment I answered the phone on our first call I felt immediately at ease and Emma set out the entire process for us. We decided on the premium phone package as I wanted to be able to contact Emma through the process if I had any questions. The important thing for me was that I was in control, Emma gives you a soft / medium and hard approach, each with full step by step guides of how to implement, we decided on spaced soothing for our daughter and haven’t looked back. The first 2 days were extremely tough but we followed the rules to the letter and by night 3 my daughter got it and has slept through every single night since (were now on night 19 but who’s counting).
I highly recommend Emma to any parents out there who are at the end of their tether. A very professional service tailored to you and your child’s needs. Absolutely fantastic!"

Fay & Isla 2 years old
Bromley, London

"We have worked with Emma for the past couple of weeks and the immediate difference she brought to our family is nothing short of incredible! We went from our youngest daughter (14 months) waking every 1-2 hours throughout the night to her sleeping through within a matter of days.

Emma was really great at tweaking the plan as we went along and things changed and her ongoing text support has been so useful when naps go wrong! We would highly recommend Emma to any family struggling with little ones who just. Won’t. Sleep."

Claire & Paloma 14 months old


"I'am still in shock and absolutely amazed at how Emma's sleep plan has worked with Ashton. I didn't sleep much when he slept all night the first two nights, it wasn't normal to me and I kept worrying!! But that is natural.  Two weeks later and he is now sleeping right through until 7am, 7 O'CLOCK!! WHAT?! Yes you read that right, my sleep thief is actually sleeping until 7am. He will sometimes get up for the toilet but he goes straight back to bed.  I am absolutely over the moon and cannot thank Emma enough! Highly recommend, she is just amazing!!"

Gemma & Ashton 3 years old


"What can I say? Thank you, Emma! Although our 7 months old napped well and went to bed on schedule, he would wake 3 times a night and the only way to settle him was to feed back to sleep. He also regularly woke before 6am. This resulted in a very grumpy baby and a rather tired mummy. Following Emma’s advice, we reached our goal of one night feed on the very first night! And in the first week Finley even slept through one night! Finley is a happier baby and the whole family are benefiting from more rest."

Sharon & Finley 7 months old
Bromley, London
"Our little N is 3.5yrs and due to some historic health issues, had got into the habit of often resisting going to sleep until gone 9pm, and getting out of bed or waking 4+ times every night, plus wanting comforting milk bottles through the night.
Emma has coached us, and in the space of a week we have a little boy who is asleep at 7pm and only wakes to use the bathroom (once at most) during the night, and has dropped his bedtime/night time milk altogether, in favour of a much increased appetite for proper food. I’d thoroughly recommend Emma to help with a little one who seems to outsmart you every night 😊."
Laurence & Noah 3.5 years old
Chislehurst, London
"We had a brilliant experience working with Emma. She gave us the confidence to follow through with the sleep training method best suited to our little boy, and he now goes to bed well and sleeps through the night! A huge thank you Emma xxxx"

Natalie & Killian 2 years old
"I worked with Emma when my daughter was just turning 5 months old. She was struggling to self-settle and we would spend ages rocking her, only to put her down and for her to wake immediately. She had also started the sleep regression at night and her first feed was getting earlier and earlier. Emma introduced some simple guidance to follow along with really useful contingency planning to help us work through all sleep situations. After a week with Emma, my daughter self-settles every nap and is very close to sleeping through! Would certainly recommend Emma, her encouragement throughout and positive follow up was much needed to get to the point my daughter is now. The routine has made such an improvement on daily life!"
Naomi & Aria 5 months old
Bromley, London

"Emma is a very professional and competent sleep consultant who gets to the root of the problem in a matter of days. My 13 month old wouldn't fall asleep without me in the room and woke every night at least once, as well as rising early. Emma fixed all of this, and he now settles himself to sleep and sleeps from 7pm-7am with no fuss. I couldn't be more grateful to Emma for the invaluable help she's given us"

Laura & Forest 13 months old

Bromley, London

"My daughter was waking up 10-15 times a night and I was having to feed her back to sleep and if I put her in her cot she would wake up and I would have to start again. 
After working with Emma, she helped me get into a proper routine including feeding and nap times and now my daughter wakes once maybe twice a night and I can put her down and she can settle herself to sleep. it has changed things completely and I can now manage to get some sleep at night. I definitely recommend."


Cara & Isla 6 months old


"I had the pleasure of working with Emma for a couple of weeks when my son was 12 weeks old. I implemented a few tweaks to his sleep environment as recommended by Emma, along with some gentle calming techniques she taught me, and my son soon began sleeping through the night and has done ever since"


Alice & Lawrence 12 weeks old

Hong Kong

"My 17 month daughter was consistently waking at 5am (if not before) and her lunchtime nap had dropped from 2 hours to waking after one sleep cycle. After an initial consultation with Emma we had a clear routine in place to address the issues with a variety of options to best suit both our daughter and our parenting style. After 10 days she was back to sleeping for 2 hours at lunchtime and was waking well after 6am/closer to 6.30am. We also had a clear plan to support us moving forwards for how to keep the progress up and what to do if there was any regression. It was a pleasure to work with Emma and I would highly recommend Perfect Little Sleepers to support with any sleep issues. Thank you for helping both our daughter and us to sleep later!"


Jo & Lola 17 months old

Bromley, London

"We had such a great experience helping our little one to sleep better. The method was gentle and was tailored perfectly for our parenting style.
Emma's instructions were clear and easy to follow, she was always very receptive and supportive throughout the process.
Our baby is now waking at a reasonable time and the family is less tired and stressed as a result!"

Alicia & Ian 19 months old

Mottingham, London

"Emma's advice was brilliant. It really helped me getting my four months old off the boob and into a great routine. I'd thoroughly recommend anyone to work with her. Her tips and advice were invaluable - for instance using pants which last till the morning instead of traditional nappies saved me waking myself up to do a middle of the night change!"


Michelle & Yanni 4 months old

Bromley, London

"Emma really helped us with our eight months old who fed / was rocked to sleep. He would wake up every 1,2 or 3 hours through the night. In the space of two weeks, he is now sleeping 11 hours through the night usually and we can put him in cot and normally he is asleep within 10 mins. He is also napping better during the day. The difference this has made to our quality of life is remarkable. Thanks"


Julia & Hector 8 months old

Catford, London

"Just finished working with Emma for my Son’s early wake ups. My son who is now 3 years 4 months started early wake ups a year ago and was waking us up at 5am. Add a newborn to the mix and you have two very sleepy parents.

After just over a week and a half of working together, both our bed times and wake ups have massively improved. He now is either asleep until or stays in his room quietly until his set wake up time. Such a breakthrough. Just got to train ourselves to sleep longer now

Thank you Emma for your time and contingency planning, sleep is just the most amazing gift!"

Naomi & Louis 3 years old

Bromley, London

"Before working with Emma, at Perfect Little Sleepers, we typically started our day at 5am. No nap. Bedtime from 7.30pm onwards. That was a long day! Emma introduced the nap back in, added in an early bedtime and we got a toddler sleeping 12 hours after two nights. No joke, I think we were all in shock. It is hard work, and I think I cried more tears than my son but as we followed the plan to the minute it worked for us. We now have a boy that has gone from 8/9 hours of sleep total a day to 45 min nap and at least 11 hours sleep a night, sometimes more, sometimes less. He plays better, he eats better, he sleeps better and overall, he is happier. Safe to say Emma helped us out more than she will ever realise.  Honestly, you will not regret working with Emma, book your call in today for your personalised plan!"

Kavita & Rohan 2.5 years old


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