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Sleep Guides

My sleep guides are to help your little one and your whole family get more sleep.

I share all the information you need to help you understand your little one's sleep, how to get them in to a good routine to achieve great naps and to sleep well through the night! So that you all wake up feeling refreshed, energised and ready to start your day after a great nights sleep!

The settling methods included in these guides I use with my 1:1 clients and have a 100% success rate!

Available to download instantly.

Let's get some more sleep!
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In this guide I share with you how I helped my youngest Isabelle to sleep through the night after her last feed at 10.30pm at 10 weeks old!⁠ ⁠


She's slept beautifully ever since except from a few little hiccups which were expected and easily fixed!⁠ ⁠


This amazing guide is also going to help you:⁠ ⁠


💕Settle your newborn to sleep in their cot or bassinet during the day & night so that you have some time to yourself⁠ ⁠& your bed back 😍

💕Put healthy sleep habits in place (and potentially avoid sleep training altogether!) so your baby starts to sleep well and for months and years to come so you do too!⁠ ⁠

💕Put a routine in place so that you can plan your day -routines from 3-12 weeks old are included!⁠ ⁠I also include a go with the flow option too 🤩

💕Nighttime sleep expectations- how many night feeds⁠ ⁠are needed for your baby & how you can lengthen the time between night feeds so that you both get more sleep


💕How to calm your unsettled baby - no more long stressful hours of crying!⁠ ⁠


💕Tips to cope if your baby has colic or reflux⁠ ⁠

💕Gentle settling methods - no sleep training for newborns!⁠

Only £40!

Toddler guide front cover.png

For children aged between 13 months and 4 years

All your toddler and pre-schooler sleep problems solved in this amazing 42 page comprehensive guide:

💕Settling techniques to help your toddler & pre-schooler learn to fall asleep on their own and sleep through the night so you do too – includes a gentle option 💕

💕Implement the 4 R's for successful toddler and pre-schooler sleep - no more bedtime battles or creeping in to your bed at night!

💕Early morning wake up solutions - no more 5am starts!

💕Learn how & when to successfully transition from 2 to 1 nap and 1 to no naps

💕When and how to tackle the move to a big bed

💕How to ditch the dummy

💕Learn which foods support your toddler's and pre-schooler's sleep

💕Breeze through the 12 month, 18 month and 2 year sleep regressions

💕Includes routines from 13 months to age 4 so you can plan your day

💕What to do if naps go wrong 

Only £40!

Newborn sleep guide cover.png
Open BABY Sleep & Routines E-Guide.png

For babies 12 weeks – 12 months

All your baby sleep problems solved in this amazing 47 page comprehensive guide:

💕Establish a predictable routine - includes sleep and feed routines up to 12 months old! So you can plan your day

💕Create the perfect sleep environment to help your baby settle off to sleep more easily & sleep for longer

💕Stop the cat naps and gain a 2 hour lunch nap so you get time to yourself

💕Work on self-settling - no more rocking or feeding to sleep unless you want to 😍

💕Help your baby learn to sleep through the night without cry it out so you do too!

💕Tackle and prevent early morning wake ups, no more 5am starts!

💕Learn when and how to drop naps - take the guesswork away

💕What to do if naps go wrong 

Only £40!

Need that little extra bit of support?

Upgrade to private email support!

This is for you if you are purchasing or have already purchased one of my sleep guides and would like further assistance with implementing the routines, sleep training techniques, dropping night feeds or would like to ask me any questions. Together we can help your little one to sleep better, so that you all wake up feeling refreshed, energised and ready to start your day after a great nights sleep!

2 emails for £25

5 emails for £50

Happy Parents

The baby routine and sleep guide is amazing! My daughter was previously waking up 10+ times a night and needed help getting back to sleep every time.

Your guide gave me the confidence to teach her how to self settle and she is now only waking up 1 to 2 times a night for a feed.

More often then not she is also now doing a long lunchtime nap. Previously she was only sleeping 30 minutes on the dot and very grumpy when she woke up.

Thank you so much again from a previously sleep deprived mummy!

Emma, Sienna & Arabella

I had a 2.5 year old who was waking between 5/5:30am and a 1 year old who woke 2-3 times a night. I’d tried so much but nothing worked. After using Emma’s toddler sleep guide for just 2 weeks my 2.5yro now wakes between 6.30/7 and my 1 year old sleeps through. Emma’s guide is amazing and she was always on hand by email if I had any questions or needed help. I can’t recommend Emma enough xxx

Second night in and already seeing massive improvements! Our little boy who has always had to have us rock him to sleep has self settled after just 5 minutes. Couldn't recommend Emma enough

I came across Emma’s page when up during another sleepless night with our 11 month old Charlie. From the first message with Emma she supported us throughout. We have just had night number 10 of him sleeping through from 6:30-7:00 - I NEVER believed that would happen! We now no longer dread nighttime and can feel confident that we will get a good nights sleep.

From nights of waking 3/4 times and sometimes being awake 30-90 minutes Charlie now naps amazingly during the day and we all have a good nights sleep.

Thank you so much for everything Emma!!

Very relieved that Emma's brilliant sleep guide worked wonders on baby's nap times. Such a game changer being able to confidently put him down to self settle for his naps in his cot, freeing up my time to give my 3 year old some good-quality 1:1 time. Loved how there were tailored options to suit different babies and the additional interesting and helpful facts about food and environments were good to know too. Emma is very approachable and brilliant at responding to any further queries or additional help I have needed when it came to night time waking.


Charlotte & Hugo 15 months

Emily & Charlie 11 months

Beth & Eddie 4 months

Are you always having to guess when is the right time to put your baby down for a nap?

And often get it wrong as they either take ages to go to sleep or they wake up soon after?

Take the guess work away with my free nap guide for babies 3-12 months!

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