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CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a new mum or maybe it's second time round!
Is this you? 
  • You're struggling to get your new born to sleep anywhere other than on you
  • Your newborn is feeding far more during the night than during the day
  • You're exhausted and feel physically drained
  • You want to put things in place to help your newborn baby sleep well
Picture this..
  • Your baby has slept soundly through the night in their cot with a couple of night feeds and you’ve woken up refreshed and ready to start the day.  

  • Your baby now sleeps happily in their cot 

  • You have your evenings back and can enjoy some quality time with your partner, just like you used to.

What's involved and included:
​My fully comprehensive sleep shaper package includes practical support to create healthy sleep habits for your newborn (3 weeks to 3 months old) by looking at their sleep environment, age appropriate awake times, daytime sleep, feeding and appropriate gentle settling techniques to help your newborn obtain the restorative sleep they need and to sleep well for many months and years to come so that you continue to sleep well too!

STEP 1: You’ll complete an in depth questionnaire 

So I can get to know more about your little one and your sleep struggles


STEP 2: We’ll have a 45 mins phone consultation

We’ll talk in more detail about the sleep issues you are experiencing, I’ll help you understand why your little one is sleeping this way and what we need to do to help them sleep better


STEP 3: I’ll send your personalised sleep assessment & plan

Within 24-48 hours, I’ll send you your sleep assessment and plan all tailored and customised to your little one and your parenting style.  It will include everything discussed during your phone consultation, a routine best suited to your little one and your family, plus a contingency plan so you’ll know exactly what to do if naps go wrong.  Plus my recommended gentle settling method and all the handouts included depending on your little one’s age.

STEP 4: We’ll have 1 follow up call within 2 weeks of starting

We will have one 20 mins follow up call so you have the opportunity to ask me any questions and I’ll continue to coach you in the right direction, so you stay consistent and most importantly motivated to achieve your sleep goals! Just think of me as your virtual cheerleader! 

STEP 5: I'll send you my Baby Sleep & Routines E-Guide (for babies 12 weeks to 12 months) for free

RESULT: You are able to settle your newborn in their own bed so that you have your time back , they are sleeping longer stretches at night so that you are getting the sleep and rest you need.  Plus you have your evenings back!  You will also have the knowledge to help them sleep well for months and years to come!

Investment: £160

Additional 20 mins follow up calls can be booked for £40 each
Cancellation policy applies to all packages, please see the terms and conditions
Not sure if this package is right for you?

Book a FREE 15 mins Discovery call 
Baby's Hand

Happy Parents

“I had the pleasure of working with Emma for a couple of weeks when my son was 12 weeks old. I implemented a few tweaks to his sleep environment as recommended by Emma, along with some gentle calming techniques she taught me, and my son soon began sleeping through the night and has done ever since."
Alice & Lawrence 12 weeks old
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