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How to Create the Perfect Sleep Environment for your Little One

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Your child’s sleep environment is something that is easy to change & can help improve your little one’s sleep.

Here are my recommendations for the perfect sleep environment for your little one: -

A Dark room

A dark sleep environment is really important as melatonin, the sleep hormone, can only be produced in the dark. So, for naps and those light summer evenings and early mornings ideally you want to make your baby or toddlers room as dark as possible. Even a small amount of light can at times be enough to tell the brain it is time to wake up. Installing some black out blinds is a great way to block out any light creeping in or putting some tinfoil on the windows actually works really well!

White noise

White noise is a great, easy settling and sleep tool for babies up until 1 year old. White noise not only replicates the loud whooshing sounds babies hear in the womb (sounds that are louder than a vacuum cleaner), but hearing white noise also triggers the calming response in babies, especially if they are overtired, overstimulated or crying. It will also help block out sounds from noisy siblings!

Swaddle or Sleeping bag

Swaddling is a great settling tool for young babies as like white noise it also triggers the calming response in newborns and young babies and prevents them from startling themselves awake and therefore helps them sleep for longer. Once your baby starts to roll, swaddling is no longer safe and therefore I recommend transitioning them to a sleeping bag straight away. Not only do sleeping bags provide peace of mind overnight your baby won’t get too cold, but they also become a great sleep association, with your baby starting to relax and wind down as soon as they see the sleep bag coming, because they associate it with sleep and rest.

Room temperature

The ideal room temperature for your baby to sleep in is 18-20c. Babies are really sensitive to temperature and they are unable to effectively regulate their own body temperature until they are older. Making sure your baby is nice and warm but not too hot or too cold is a key factor to them sleeping well.

If you would like more help with your baby or child’s sleep, please don’t hesitate to contact me or book a sleep package today.

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