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All your baby sleep problems solved in this amazing 47 page comprehensive guide!


Available to purchase and download instantly TODAY and is designed to help you:

  • Establish a predictable routine - includes sleep and feed routines up to 12 months old! So you can plan your day​
  • Create the perfect sleep environment to help your baby settle off to sleep more easily & sleep for longer
  • Stop the cat naps and gain a 2 hour lunch nap so you get some time to yourself
  • Work on self-settling - no more rocking or feeding to sleep unless you want to
  • Help your baby learn to sleep through the night without cry it out so you do too!
  • Tackle and prevent early morning wake ups, no more 5am starts!​
  • Learn when and how to drop naps - take the guesswork away
  • What to do if naps go wrong
  • Prevent overtiredness​ so your baby sleeps well overnight
  • Learn which foods support sleep​
  • Understand the importance of sleep ​
  • Learn about your baby’s sleep cycles​
  • Understand your baby’s sleep cues​
  • Breeze through sleep regressions​


Need some more support?


I offer email support with my guides, which you can use to ask me any questions about the routines, implementing the routines, support with the sleep training methods etc. Together we can help your little one to sleep better!


Purchase 2 or 5 emails 

Baby Sleep & Routines E-Guide

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