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In this guide I share with you how I helped my youngest Isabelle to sleep through the night after her last feed at 10.30pm at 10 weeks old!⁠

She's slept beautifully ever since except from a few little hiccups which were expected and easily fixed!⁠

This amazing guide is also going to help you:⁠

💕Settle your newborn to sleep in their cot or bassinet during the day & night so that you have some time to yourself⁠ ⁠& your bed back 

💕Put healthy sleep habits in place (and potentially avoid sleep training altogether!) so your baby starts to sleep well and for months and years to come so you do too!⁠

💕Put a routine in place so that you can plan your day - routines from 3-12 weeks old are included!⁠ I also include a go with the flow option too 

💕Nighttime sleep expectations- how many night feeds⁠ are needed for your baby & how you can lengthen the time between night feeds so that you both get more sleep

💕How to calm your unsettled baby - no more long stressful hours of crying!⁠

💕Tips to cope if your baby has colic or reflux⁠

💕Gentle settling methods - no sleep training for newborns!⁠


Need some more support?


I offer email support with my guides, which you can use to ask me any questions about the routines, implementing the routines, support with the sleep training methods etc. Together we can help your little one to sleep better!


Purchase 2 or 5 emails 


Newborn Sleep Guide

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