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For children aged between 13 months & 4 years


All your toddler and pre-schooler sleep problems solved in one comprehensive guide available to purchase and download TODAY:


  • Settling techniques to help your toddler & pre-schooler learn to fall asleep on their own and sleep through the night so you do too – includes a gentle option

  • Learn how & when to successfully transition from 2 to 1 nap and 1 to no naps

  • When and how to tackle the move to a big bed

  • Implement the 4 R's for successful toddler and pre-schooler sleep - no more bedtime battles or creeping in to your bed at night!

  • Early morning wake up solutions - no more 5am starts!

  • How to ditch the dummy

  • Learn which foods support your toddler's and pre-schooler's sleep

  • Breeze through the 12 month, 18 month and 2 year sleep regressions

  • Includes routines from 13 months to age 4 so you can plan your day

  • What to do if naps go wrong 


Need some more support?


I offer email support with my guides, which you can use to ask me any questions about the routines, implementing the routines, support with the sleep training methods etc. Together we can help your little one to sleep better!


Purchase 2 or 5 emails 


Toddler & Pre-Schooler Sleep & Routines E-Guide

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