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For children aged between 13 months & 4 years


All your toddler and pre-schooler sleep problems solved in one comprehensive guide available to purchase and download TODAY:


  • Routines from 13 months to age 4
  • Learn how to successfully transition from 2 to 1 nap and 1 to no naps 􏰀
  • When and how to tackle the move to a big bed
  • Implement the 4 R's for successful toddler and pre-schooler sleep - no more bedtime battles or creeping in to your bed at night!
  • Early morning wake up solutions
  • How to ditch the dummy
  • Settling techniques – includes gentle!
  • Learn which foods support your toddler's and pre-schooler's sleep
  • Breeze through the 12 month, 18 month and 2 year sleep regressions
  • What to do if naps go wrong


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Toddler & Pre-Schooler Sleep & Routines E-Guide